Isla Sorna A.K.A. Site B

Isla Sorna is the island where InGen cloned and bred dinosaurs before they were shipped to Jurassic Park. The island was located near the western coast of Costa Rica. The local people call it Isla Gemido. It means ‘groan,’ from the sound of the waves inside the caves.

The island appears in Michael Crichton’s novel The Lost World. The island is very small, possibly 50 or 55 square kilometers in size.


Isla Sorna is part of the island group The Five Deaths. Isla Sorna was the largest of the island and located most to the north.

Isla Sorna is said to have been originally a large volcano that blew its top. The high mountain ridges on the coasts restrict access to the island. Only a few tunnels that the water had bored into the sides of the large mountain sides in the east grant access. The waves make a groaning noise in the caves. Local people was nicknamed the island after that sound, Isla Gemido, ‘groaning island’.

Even landing by helicopter is difficult; large wind updrafts would make flying very difficult.

Water wells in the north feed the island’s river, which debouches in the sea on the south-eastern side.


Before InGen

According to the book Die Fünf Todesarten (cited in the novel), the island was inhabited by Indians who build at least one stone structure and covered it with drawings.

The island was later owned by a German mining company. The Germans left before or during World War II.


In the eighties, the island was bought by the InGen Company. A Village with a large laboratory was built. It was here where the dinosaurs were actually cloned and raised until a certain age/size, when they were to be transferred into Isla Nublar.

Nevertheless, due to an unknown prion called DX (similar to mad cow disease, though DX was transferred through sheep extracts fed to the carnivores) the animal production was reduced severely; newborns died in a matter of days. Sarah Harding mentions in the novel how surprised she is to find out that InGen fed its carnivores this material, as it is commonly known throughout the naturalist community that no carnivore should be fed this in captivity.

The disease would act as any prion based disease and would; build a large chemical chain within the brain fluid. This chain would become so large, that it would eventually burrow through the brain material, causing insanity in most cases—hence the name mad cow disease.

This disease would prove devastating to any genetics company, as any bio-engineered animal already has very little chance of surviving to adulthood. A large batch must be made in order to preserve even a 1% yield rate. A disease such as this could wipe out the entire population within a matter of weeks.

In order to overcome the possibility that diseases were being transmitted through workers at the plant, they tagged the animals with radio transmitters and released them to the habitat. Following the collapse of Isla Nublar, several accidents on Isla Sorna forced InGen to evacuate Site B and leave the animals to fend for themselves. Forgotten, dinosaurs take over the island and turn it into a real Jurassic Park. Some animals go extinct while others begins to exhibit strange behaviors. It is later discovered that the island has reached its equilibrium, but because of an explosion in the raptor population, the animals are under increasing stress.


In the novel of The Lost World, Ian Malcolm learns of this island from paleontologist Richard Levine, and he sets off to investigate the newfound “Lost World.” However, Lewis Dodgson of the Biosyn corporation also learns of Isla Sorna and seeks to steal dinosaur eggs for genetic research. However, Dodgson and his team are killed and Malcolm and most of his team escape the island.

Surprisingly, Sorna, which ran on geo-thermal energy, had many still functioning systems, including the mainframe and surveillance. The trailers used in the novel—similar to the film versions—connected to the mainframe and were able to use the mostly functioning mainframe to its advantage—that is until the Tyrannosaurus attack severely damaged the trailers.

Isla Sorna A.K.A. Site B

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