Welcome to Jurassic Park.


Your television show is going down the tubes. Every week your ratings get lower and lower. Who wants to watch a T.V show about paleontology when there are real living Dinosaurs nowadays?

Your producer has an idea. Why don’t you get footage of the real life Dinosaurs to try and save your ratings? I mean no one has any real footage of these creatures besides the one that rampaged through L.A. close to twenty years ago. Any other footage has either proven to be a hoax or is of such poor quality you can barely make out what the image shows. The reason for this is the fact that the government of Costa Rica has made it highly illegal to go anywhere near this island. Even airplane routes have been adjusted to ensure no one goes near this island.

So needless to say you will just have to go without letting the studio know what you are doing. This will mean keeping the budget small and taking only who and what you need. You have heard the rumors and the read the books. You know this will be dangerous. But its probably your last hope.

Your group consists of The Producer who will ideally serve as the groups face (yes this will play a part in the campaign so you wont be useless), The Host (A Paleontologist who knows the Dinosaurs), The Cameraman (Also serves as the tech guy), The Guide (The will have the survival skills for the wild and navigation skills), and the Guard (Muscle hired for the expedition to ensure no one dies).

Welcome To Jurassic Park